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Indian mobile industry is behaving like the American Tobacco Companies

Mobile phones operators in India are behaving as recklessly American cigarette manufacturers did in the past, noted the problems with health, and care not to step on before it’s too late, say experts in the study of electromagnetic radiation and health professionals.
“COAI, the umbrella organization representing cellular operators, repeatedly claiming that the radiation of cell tower will not cause any harm. Tobacco industry said the same thing about smoking till conclusive research proved otherwise. Now there are millions of people around the world who suffered from smoking. Fact, the mobile phone / tower radiation is worse than smoking, a person cannot see or smell and its effects on health have noticed that after a long period of exposure, “said Girish Kumar of IIT Mumbai. Read more

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James Reilly and Big Tobacco

In Australia, cigarette packs now carry the horrific images of the tumor on plain background, instead of the colorful logos. As Ireland prepares to follow suit, Suzanne Harrington wondered if it would be enough to stop the next generation getting hooked
Here are some things that a group of six and seven-year-old children said when shown the choice of product packaging, “striking”, “it makes you happy looking at it,” is a beautiful and girly, “red is my favorite color”, ” It’s funky … fantasy … like ice cubes and mint “,” it looks gorgeous, “she reminds me of a character in Tinti “, it makes you feel like you’re in Wonderland happiness. ” Read more

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The prohibition of tobacco trademark is “unconstitutional”

Stellenbosch professor contends that any legislation prohibiting trade marks on tobacco products are not only runs counter to the Constitution, but it will not make any difference to the fight against smoking.
Legislation banning the use of trademarks on tobacco products is unconstitutional and will not have any contribution to the discouraging smoking. This was the view of Professor Owen Dean of the Law Faculty of the University of Stellenbosch (SU), in his inaugural lecture at the Jannasch Hall of the Conservatory Su. Read more

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Be aware of the tactics of tobacco advertising

May 20th, 2013 Posted in Tobacco industry, Tobacco news Tags:

It should not take a heart attack or lung cancer shock the person to recognize the reality of tobacco use.
Unfortunately, the tactics of the tobacco industry continues to undermine tobacco control efforts, the creation of new tobacco users who are struggling with nicotine addiction, putting themselves and others at risk of serious health problems. Read more

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Minnesota raises taxes on tobacco

DFL Gov. Mark Dayton and Democratic legislative leaders reached a budget agreement Sunday, which calls for $ 2 billion in new taxes and increasing spending on schools and property tax relief.
The Democrats are relying on a hike in tobacco taxes and the governor of the long-awaited increase in income taxes on high income to pay for new spending. The budget outline scraps proposed sales tax on clothing, but lawmakers continue to consider the revival of at least part of the tax plan criticized enterprise services. Read more

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Cuba raises questions about the rule of Australia tobacco label

Cuba is seeking to abolish Australia’s tough tobacco labeling rules in the World Trade Organization, the trade body said on Monday, and for the first time Communist-controlled country has made use of the forum in direct confrontation with other nations over its commercial laws.
Cuba, the world’s dominant producer of fine cigars, filed a “request for consultations” with Australia, Keith Rockwell, WTO spokesman, said from Geneva, where the basis for the organization. Read more

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