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Marlboro Night Fusion

March 3rd, 2014 Posted in Tobacco news Tags:

Marlboro Night Fusion Limited Edition
Although a worldwide market leader in the tobacco industry, Marlboro has seen a decline in Belgium and The Netherlands among young adult smokers who perceive the brand as traditional, mainstream and distant. In order to re-engage this group of consumers, who are known to be opinion leaders, stylish, brand sensitive and looking for modern and innovative brands, Marlboro decided to launch a long term limited edition. Read more

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Labor accepts payments from the tobacco giant

September 23rd, 2013 Posted in Tobacco news Tags: ,

Labor has received payments from the controversial tobacco giant Philip Morris and an industry pressure group lobbying against plain packaging for cigarettes.
Philip Morris has hired a prominent stall in the exhibition hall at the annual Labour Party conference in Brighton, the cost is run to several thousand pounds.
Labor agreed to sell exhibition space for the two organizations, despite vehemently criticized the Tories for their alleged links with the tobacco industry. Read more

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Social smoking : Facebook risks Russian ban on pot mimicking your mix

September 18th, 2013 Posted in Tobacco industry, Tobacco news, Tobacco treaty Tags:

Russia’s media watchdog has threatened to block Facebook in Russia if an investigation confirms social media company’s ads for smoking mixtures.
The country’s Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Communications has warned that it is ready to block the social media site if it finds evidence those smoking blends ads did indeed appear on the site. Read more

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The tobacco giant Philip Morris “has spent millions in an attempt to delay the EU legislation

Confidential documents has revealed a formidable lobbying operation that waged by a tobacco giant seeks to undermine the efforts to make cigarettes less attractive to children and women, and the power packs to perform large health warnings.
Documents obtained by the Observer show how Philip Morris International (PMI) employed 161 people to deal with the proposed tobacco products directive (TPD), the main piece of legislation, the European Union, that health campaigners say would save lives. Read more

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Australian law challenged under trade agreements

August 14th, 2013 Posted in Tobacco news Tags:

In one, Philip Morris Asia Australia accused of violating the 1993 bilateral trade agreement between Hong Kong and Australia. Such agreements, known as investor-state contracts allow foreign investors to bring themselves to arbitration for damages against a country.
The case is pending arbitration of the UN Commission on International Trade Law.
In the other, Ukraine, Honduras and the Dominican Republic at the beginning of this year have brought their problems facing the World Trade Organization. Read more

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The rain destroyed tobacco

While some tobacco and other farmers are still measuring the extent of their losses, and trying to save what they can, following the June and July deluge, Sampson County Cooperative Extension Service estimates half of the tobacco region may be lost.
Sampson County Cooperative Extension Director Eileen Coite said that the expansion of the estimated 30-50% loss for the tobacco crop in Sampson, which is consistently ranked as the most profitable of the state. Coite said she had spoken with the Cooperative Extension Agent Wayne Batten, student field crops, and predicted that at least a third of the crop could not be saved due to drowning. Read more

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Tobacco giant plans to accompany plain cigarette package

Confidential documents leaked the observers show how the largest tobacco company in the world sought to kill the government’s plans to introduce standard packages of cigarettes, using sophisticated lobbying campaign that targeted key politicians and civil servants who were in her opinion to support their point of views. Read more

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