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FDA Gets Tough on Tobacco Control

July 1st, 2013 Posted in Tobacco control, Tobacco news Tags: ,

As the Food and Drug Administration this week announced the rejection of the four proposed tobacco products, the experts expressed the hope that the federal government can reduce tobacco use through regulation.
FDA’s decision on Tuesday became the first tobacco undergoing federal oversight. FDA also commissioned two new tobacco products, although they are versions of what is already on the market. Read more

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Parkland considering a tobacco-free campus

March 14th, 2013 Posted in Tobacco control, Tobacco industry, Tobacco news

As a nation embraces a healthy lifestyle trends, Parkland College Student Government, a health center, Parkland United Student Health and the Office of Student Life are working together to develop proposals for a tobacco-free policy.
Health experts around the world to collect more information to confirm that passive smoking can have a negative impact on human health.
The report to the surgeon, he said that no amount of secondhand smoke is safe. Center for Disease Control adds that even brief exposures can be harmful to health. Read more

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International Conference on Management of Tobacco in the 21st century

Imagine for a moment that the plague devastated the developed world, but has not yet established its control over developing countries. If the world’s leaders in the field of public health come together for two days at Harvard to outline the campaign to prevent the spread of the plague, unless you do not want to cover this meeting? Read more

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EU crackdown on tobacco does not reach a simple package

With menthol cigarettes to be banned and cigarette packs sold with a repulsive image of rotting lungs, the European Union has launched a new anti-smoking proposals on Wednesday, the first in a decade.
“Tobacco kills half of its users and is highly addictive,” said EU Health Commissioner Tonio Borg, himself a former smoker. “We do not prohibit smoking; we strive to make it less attractive.
Almost 700,000 Europeans die from tobacco-related diseases each year, equal to the population of Frankfurt and Palermo, and Borg hopes to reduce by 27 per cent block of smokers by two percentage points over five years. Read more

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College campuses begin to filter out smoke

November 2nd, 2012 Posted in Tobacco control Tags:

filter out smoke
There is a growing movement across the country to create tobacco-free environments, and Ohio universities seem to be part of the movement.
More than five Ohio colleges and universities have policies in place to limit tobacco use on campus, and tobacco-free campuses have significantly curbed smoking, said Kim Norris, spokesperson for the Ohio Board of Regents. Ream more »

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