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Sales of synethetic marijuana ‘astonishing’

October 16th, 2012 Posted in Marijuana news Tags:

Sales of synethetic marijuana
Police are investigating a local convenience store where they said they seized more than $2,500 of synthetic marijuana during a search last week.

The probe into the alleged sale of controlled drugs at the Convenient Grocer began in September after officers encountered students around high school age buying and using containers of green vegetative matter allegedly being sold and marketed as “Aloha” at the store, police said in a statement. Ream more »

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Facebook protest forces removal of Portland anti-marijuana billboard

October 12th, 2012 Posted in Marijuana news Tags:

anti-marijuana billboard
At the corner of 122nd and Division in Portland, Oregon, there is a billboard depicting a ragged drug addict which reads “What is good about marijuana? Nothing.”

The photo paints a bleak picture, at best, pointing out the potential horror of using marijuana. The problem seems to be the authenticity of the photograph, which has been discovered to be a manipulated stock photograph of a meth addict.
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Berthoud forum on medical marijuana dispensaries turns heated

October 11th, 2012 Posted in Marijuana news Tags:

marijuana dispensaries
A public forum to discuss ballot Question 300 here Wednesday showcased exactly how emotional and divisive the topic of medical marijuana dispensaries has become to the community this election season.

The meeting, sponsored by the group of residents who circulated a petition to get the issue of banning dispensaries on the ballot, brought out more than 30 people. Ream more »

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The real world impacts of marijuana prohibition

October 5th, 2012 Posted in Marijuana news Tags:

impacts of marijuana
The marijuana legalization initiative on November’s ballot in Colorado, Amendment 64, is currently ahead in the polls. Opponents of this initiative have been on the attack in recent weeks claiming the initiative is bad for young people in Colorado. Contrary to arguments by the defenders of the status quo, current marijuana policy in Colorado fails young people and is indefensible.
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Marijuana law reform largely ignored during election cycle

October 3rd, 2012 Posted in Marijuana news Tags:

Marijuana law reform
Last night, CNN’s Erin Burnett ran a news story highlighting the impact of marijuana legalization on the 2012 presidential election. “Out Front” – Burnett’s prime time news program – studied the implications of Colorado’s marijuana legalization ballot initiative on the strength of the mile-high position as a swing state.
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Plans for medical marijuana dispensary on Lombard St.

October 2nd, 2012 Posted in Marijuana news Tags:

allow marijuana clubs
If all goes as planned, the Marina District could get its first medical marijuana dispensary at 2414 Lombard Street (near Scott). Yes, for those of you keeping track, the location is right across the street from the Edward II Inn, a former bed and breakfast that has recently been rezoned and repurposed for future housing of transitional-aged youth. Ream more »

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Should Washington legalize marijuana?

October 1st, 2012 Posted in Marijuana news Tags:

better marijuana laws
I do not personally support or condone the use of marijuana. However, as a 27-year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, I believe it is time to reform our marijuana laws. The prohibition of the purchase and possession of small amounts of marijuana by adults has caused more harm than good. Like alcohol Prohibition did in the last century, marijuana prohibition has enriched criminal organizations and compromised public safety here and abroad.
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