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Voters to decide on medical use of marijuana

October 31st, 2012 Posted in Marijuana news Tags:

medical use of marijuana
Voters will decide on Election Day whether to make Massachusetts the 17th state in the country to allow medical marijuana use for patients meeting certain conditions.

Proponents of Question 3 contend the ballot question and passage of the proposed law would help people suffering from various diseases cope with pain and help those for whom marijuana seems to provide relief. Ream more »

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Nashville mom testifies in marijuana trial

October 30th, 2012 Posted in Marijuana news Tags:

marijuana trial
A Nashville mother of two testified Monday in a federal drug conspiracy case against three men that she was a major supplier to them of about 400 pounds of marijuana a month.

Kejuana McCutcheon said she received boxes containing 20-25 pounds of marijuana, up to about 400 pounds a month, which she sold for more than $300,000 a month.
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Santa Monica Extends Ban on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

October 25th, 2012 Posted in Marijuana news Tags:

Ban on Medical Marijuana
The Council voted unanimously, and without discussion, to extend a 45-day moratorium on permits allowing medical marijuana dispensaries in Santa Monica.
The ban, which the Council voted to extend for 10 months past its November 5 expiration date, would prevent any permits or land use entitlements for people looking to open up medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. Ream more »

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No charges laid against pot-smoking teens

October 24th, 2012 Posted in Marijuana news Tags:

pot-smoking teens
No charges were laid against a group of teens caught smoking marijuana on October 3. At 11:32 a.m. a West Parry Sound OPP officer, parked in a marked police cruiser in the Mac’s convenience store adjacent to Parry Sound High School saw a group of youths standing beside the building with a thick cloud of smoke around them. Ream more »

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Marijuana plants found on Pleasant Street in Wakeman

October 24th, 2012 Posted in Marijuana news Tags:

Marijuana plants found
A marijuana grow operation was discovered in a Pleasant Street house when police were following up Monday on a domestic disturbance on Sunday, according to Wakeman police.

Police received information that there could be drug use at a residence on the 20 block of Pleasant Street. Police met with the homeowner and victim of domestic violence from Sunday. Ream more »

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Opinion: Sacramento’s Marijuana Problem

October 19th, 2012 Posted in Marijuana news Tags:

Marijuana Problem
Old habits die hard. In 1996, a majority of California voters approved Prop. 215, which legalized the medicinal use of marijuana. Culturally, the state turned a corner. Among other things, citizens could now turn to a health care alternative they could grow on their own property. Medical marijuana users were no longer to be treated as criminals. But fourteen years later, some people still don’t get it.
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