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Bono start to smoke cigaretets again

Bono smoking
Bono admits he’s started smoking cigarettes due to his back surgery. The rock legend blames his painful, often boring back surgery. Can Bono quit again?
Bono has restored his health since his recent back surgery that had him out of the music world for over two months. The U2 frontman missed out on their North American tour and Glastonbury Festvial, but he’s back and ready to rock.
‘That’s in the past now and I’m very much fit for the future. This band is like a family. I am the prodigal son. I would like to thank my brothers for their patience.’

With so much time on his hands, Bono not only took up smoking, but took time to write and enjoy delicious ice cream.

‘One of the things you can do when you’re lying down like that is to write, so I wrote. Lying motionless I also had time to think about the future, because I never think about the past. The other thing I did was to eat ice cream and I also started smoking again.’

A doctor told Bono to quit smoking in 90’s due to a bad sinus infection. He started smoking again in 2003 and stopped until recently.

Even with his renewed smoking habit, Bono is still amazingly awesome. We can’t help, but love him.

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