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Anti-smoking task force sets confab with establishments

Anti-smoking task
THE Iloilo City Anti-Smoking Task Force (Icast) sets a forum with owners and operators of establishments at the Smallville complex today to thresh out misunderstanding on no-smoking areas.

Smallville is the new fun and recreation haven of this southern city and young people usually congregate in several bars, eateries and disco places for fun and entertainment.

Icast Executive Director Iñigo Garingalao admitted that reports filtered to him showing the complex is a place for high-end prostitution, drug-drops and fights between groups at night.

The Iloilo City police office has collaborated the report with significant information on drug entry point in some Smallville spots.

At least 10 establishments at the complex are being monitored for allowing even minors to smoke even with signages against smoking, Garingalao said.

The forum will gather the sentiments of Smallville operators on the implementation of Regulation Ordinance 2006-150 or the comprehensive anti-smoking ordinance of Iloilo City by designating a portion of the establishment as smoking area.

A proposal amendment is being eyed on the existing ordinance to widen the scope with no more designated smoking area in any building or establishment.

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