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A Great Time to Be a Cigar Smoker

April 5th, 2011 Posted in Cigars Buy cheap cigarettes online Tags:

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Spring is finally here. At least officially, as of March 20. I guess some of us are still dealing with cooler temperatures or even snow. But the promise of warmer weather is closer than ever. Cue “Here Comes the Sun” on your iPod.

And that means good things for those of us who are lucky enough to be cigar enthusiasts. We can finally open the windows, dust off our tiki torches, and comfortably smoke cigars where cigars were meant to be smoked: outside. Soon, we’ll all be freed from the indoor smoke-friendly sanctuaries in which we’ve been hiding since the fall. That is, of course, if you’re lucky enough to have access to an all-too-rare indoor cigar haven.

I’ve been hiding in my den, which is equipped with plenty of books, more than plenty of cigars, and easy access to cold libations. My wife “allows” me to smoke in there as long as the outside temp is below 50 degrees. For that I’m very grateful.

I’m not, after all, one of these guys with an air-tight, separately ventilated room, an expensive exhaust system, and a password-protected vault door. When I smoke a cigar in the den, you can smell it throughout our home. But I like that smell. And my wife is cool enough to put up with it.

As much as I love the den, though, and as much as I enjoy such cigar-friendly locales as CXIII Rex and Shelly’s, I’m really looking forward to getting back outside. Whether it’s having a cocktail on my patio, playing a round of golf, or firing up the barbecue, outside is the place to be for this cigar fan.

Warmer temperatures aren’t the only reason spring is a great time to be a cigar smoker. This season is also a perfect chance to catch up on cigars that were released at last year’s IPCPR Trade Show. The next convention, after all, is just a few months away, and many cigar makers will start issuing press releases about their new products before you know it. It’ll be like hearing Christmas carols before Thanksgiving (a major no-no in my book).

Before you grow envious of all the new stuff you can’t buy yet, take stock in those cigars you may have missed from the 2010 convention, or reacquaint yourself with some of your favorites. Personally, I think last year’s trade show was top-notch in terms of new cigar releases. Smokes like the Avo Heritage, J. Fuego Origen, Toraño Single Region, and Guillermo León will pair nicely with the warmer temperatures and the increasing levels of sunshine.

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