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Why I voted against the tobacco tax

June 28th, 2012 Posted in Cigars Tags:

cigar and pipe
A few weeks ago, California voters narrowly rejected another tax increase not only on cigarettes, but also on those mass murderers — cigar and pipe smokers. As expected, proponents of Proposition 29 blame its defeat on all the money tobacco companies spent on ads against the proposition. Whenever a candidate or vote supported by progressives is defeated, the loss is attributed to money. Ream more »

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Tobacco sales boost home industries

June 28th, 2012 Posted in Tobacco prices Tags:

Tobacco sales boost
Recent spending sprees by tobacco farmers resulted in a financial windfall for home industry operators in Glen View.
The Glen View industry has become one of the largest household furniture complexes in the country, as most families resort to cheaper options.
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Pastor wants tobacco ban lifted in prisons

June 27th, 2012 Posted in Smoking ban Tags:

tobacco ban lifted
A West Virginia minister said the state’s correctional facilities could save “hundreds of thousands of dollars” if it legalized the sale of cigarettes.

He claimed prison employees often compromise the ban, well aware that a pack of cigarettes is worth about $75 behind prison walls, while a pound of tobacco translates into $1,000.
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Smoking control foes don’t get chance to talk

June 27th, 2012 Posted in Tobacco control Tags:

Smoking control foes
About 20 people attended a Board of Health meeting last night expecting they would have an opportunity to comment on proposed new tobacco control regulations. They never had a chance as Health Board Chairman Dr. Carl Rosenbloom announced at the outset that no comments would be taken and that the meeting was for discussion purposes only. Ream more »

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Shining more light on tobacco company tactics

June 27th, 2012 Posted in Tobacco companies Tags:

tobacco company tactics
Two papers in PLoS Medicine this week highlight again the tactics used by the tobacco industry when attempts are made to regulate them.

The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control was the first international public health treaty initiated by the World Health Organization; it came into force in 2005 and thus far 176 countries (see below for the latest) have become parties to it. Ream more »

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Kansas ready to snuff out e-cigarette sales to minors

June 27th, 2012 Posted in Electronic cigarettes Tags:

out e-cigarette sales
A Kansas law goes into effect Sunday prohibiting the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. That’s fine with some distributors — they say they already do that — but it doesn’t go far enough for some anti-tobacco groups.

They would like e-cigarettes to fall under the same public regulations as tobacco, at least until more research is done. Ream more »

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Electronic Cigarette Causes Issues At Castle Bingo

June 27th, 2012 Posted in Electronic cigarettes Tags:

use the electronic cigarette
Many will put the demise of land based bingo down to the smoking ban and the tax levied against the industry so the latest news from a Castle Bingo club in Cardiff comes as a bit of a shock. As many halls erect smoking shelters for their patrons who like a little puff in the intervals between the main games, one lady took to using an electronic cigarette in the hall only to find herself being asked to leave according to a news report at Wales Online.
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