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No smoking campaign gets massive response

July 19th, 2011 Posted in Tobacco news Tags:

No Smoking Day
There has been an overwhelming response — from readers who wish to quit smoking — to Gulf News’ community service campaign Stub It!
The readers represent a wide spectrum of people and come from different backgrounds. However, they have one thing in common — they have tried to give up smoking on their own and have failed.
One reader named Fahd Saghir sent this impassioned plea for help: “There is a cardiac problem in our family, and [I] know it very well but still continue to do so [smoke]. Ream more »

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Help to quit smoking available

July 19th, 2011 Posted in Tobacco control Tags:

Help to quit smoking
PARKERSBURG Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department officials outlined a number of no cost cessation programs available to those who want to stop smoking.

“We get inquiries from people who say the health department has these no smoking regulations, but how can you get help to stop smoking. That’s why we invited you here today, to talk about some of the programs that are available,” commission President Blair Couch said.
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Smoking Ban at Parks Thwarts Puffing Parents

July 19th, 2011 Posted in Tobacco control Tags:

anti-smoking activist
Ken Ulman, take note. You’ve made three future voters happy with the latest anti-smoking regulation in Howard County.

Actually, two future voters. Our 11 year-old was worried when I told him about the ban on smoking in county parks. “Does this mean Dad won’t take us to the park anymore?”

Yes, my husband and I smoke. I’m not proud of it, but it’s a fact.
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Seattle approves medical marijuana regulations

July 19th, 2011 Posted in Marijuana news Tags:

marijuana regulations
Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn has indicated he will sign the ordinance, which is at odds with a series of new restrictions and bans on medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivation facilities imposed by other municipalities around the state.

Seattle is Washington’s largest city.

The 8-0 vote in favor of the measure comes nearly three months after Governor Christine Gregoire signed into law a new measure allowing cities to regulate and license production, processing and distribution of medical marijuana on a limited basis. Ream more »

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Spearfish schools ban e-cigarettes

July 19th, 2011 Posted in Electronic cigarettes Tags:

ban e-cigarettes
The Spearfish School District has banned e-cigarettes, along with other objects or systems that dispenses nicotine.
As the popularity of the devices has grown among smokers trying to quit, and even at Deadwood casinos, school officials saw the need to make the change.
“We weren’t sure we were covered in the policy that we had previously and we felt that we should be,” said Superintendent Dave Peters. Ream more »

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Hookah bar owners likely to knock on court’s door

July 14th, 2011 Posted in smoking hookah Tags:

Hookah Bar Association
The hookah bar owners in the city have decided not to take their licences back from the police commissioner’s office on Wednesday after they were told to give in writing that they will not serve hookahs at their restaurants.

According to these owners, the police are ready to return their licences on condition that they will have to close down hookah bars. A source at commissioner’s office said that licence of about 25 hookah bars in city have been seized after Police Commissioner Sudhir Sinha issued the order.
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Custom Co-Branded Premium Cigars

July 14th, 2011 Posted in Cigars Tags:

Branded Premium Cigars
This week’s C-Suite interviewee was Ted Jackson, CEO and Founder of Ted’s Cigars, the producer of handmade, genuine cigars with integrity. Their infused cigars are flavored aromatically via the airtight glass tube they’re sealed in (other companies syringe flavoring agents into the cigars, not an acceptable method for premiums) and now they let you stamp your name on their tubes too. Ted’s Cigars offers co-branded or custom banded cigars for your company. Oh, how we love bespoke products!
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Denied e-cigarette, unruly flier pelts attendant with peanuts

July 14th, 2011 Posted in Electronic cigarettes Tags:

use electronic cigarette
A Southwest Airlines passenger was arrested Monday night on charges that he hurled bags of peanuts and pretzels at a flight attendant. The man apparently was upset the attendant refused to allow him to use an “electronic cigarette” on the flight.

Citing a complaint filed in federal court on Tuesday, The Salt Lake Tribune reports 42-year-old Pogos Paul Sefilian, 42, of Sandy, Utah, became “combative” over the issue while on Southwest Flight 188 from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City. Ream more »

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Paramus health board bans smoking in public places

July 14th, 2011 Posted in Tobacco control Tags:

smoking in public places
Paramus is once again at the forefront of tobacco control, as the Board of Health unanimously adopted an ordinance that prohibits smoking in borough parks, playgrounds, public swimming facilities and recreational areas.

The ordinance, approved last month, covers lighted cigarettes, cigars, pipes and electronic cigarettes within the boundaries of “smoke-free zones,” borough public areas that include the Municipal Pool, the Band Shell and the Paramus Golf Club Mini Golf Course, according to Health Officer John Hopper. Ream more »

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Experts, users debate electronic cigarettes

July 13th, 2011 Posted in Electronic cigarettes Tags:

battery-powered cigs
He took a drag, closed his eyes briefly — felt the nicotine hit — and blew a white cloud out of his mouth. He took a drag again. But he wasn’t smoking. He was vaping. Gregg Leplae of Fort Gratiot is among a growing group of smokers who have turned to electronic cigarettes as a way to help them quit smoking. For Leplae, a former two-pack-a-day smoker for 36 years, e-cigarettes have helped him kick the smoking habit entirely. Read more

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