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10 ways to quit smoking

May 31st, 2010 Posted in Tobacco industry

smoking angelLet your family and friends know that you are trying to quit smoking as it can help you achieve success, revealed a recent study. We talk to a few smokers, healthcare experts and chemists to know if it’s true and the latest products available off-the-shelf that stave off smoking. In your department there would be at least two smokers, minimum of seven on your floor and in your office … far too many to even count. And what about your neighbourhood? And if at home there is someone who smokes, your life is surely up in smoke! Read more

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More Female-Targeted Cigarette Ads

May 31st, 2010 Posted in Teens smoking Tags:

smoking fashionTobacco use is growing among females, suggesting they are also increasingly the target of cigarette advertising, according to an analysis of a global tobacco survey.The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and health officials in Bangladesh, Thailand and Uruguay examined how tobacco use and marketing awareness varied among males and females in 14 countries. Analyses from Bangladesh, Thailand and Uruguay were published Friday by the CDC. Among the report’s findings we can se the next facts:  In all three countries, awareness of tobacco marketing was more prevalent among females ages 15 to 24 than older women, suggesting that tobacco companies might be targeting this age group. Read more

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Global tobacco association slams WHO’s proposals on product

May 31st, 2010 Posted in Tobacco companies Tags:

WHO logoThe International Tobacco Growers’ Association (ITGA) has expressed outrage over the devastating impact the latest set of recommendations from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) would have on the jobs and livelihoods of millions of tobacco growers around the world, according to a statement released this week in Dar es Salaam.The statement said draft guidelines of articles 9 & 10 of the FCTC recommend a ban on ingredients used in manufacturing tobacco products. Read more

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EU health boss eyes tighter grip on tobacco adverts

May 31st, 2010 Posted in General tobacco Tags:

cigarette holdingBRUSSELS — Europe’s health commissioner said on Thursday he is working on proposals to tighten bloc-wide advertising and marketing constraints on tobacco products.Malta’s John Dalli said Brussels can neither legislate nor impose firm anti-smoking measures on European Union member states, but plans to revisit existing EU laws in order to make tobacco products “less attractive”. Read more

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Survey: Youth smoking down, early alcohol use increasing

May 29th, 2010 Posted in Teens smoking Tags:

students smokingThe number of students at Marshfield middle schools who took their first drink of alcohol before age 13 has been steadily increasing since 2006 when the Marshfield Area Coalition for Youth began to survey middle and high school students.Of the middle school students surveyed, 36 percent reported having consumed a drink of alcohol. Of the 36 percent, 77 percent of these students had their first drink before age 13. Read more

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Reasons celebrities bring to quit smoking

May 29th, 2010 Posted in Celebrities smoking Tags:

uma thurman smokingMatt Daemon, a famous Hollywood actor was hypnotized, Jim Carrie was pricked all over the needles, and Gwyneth Paltrow practiced yoga. But now they are not at knifepoint of tobacco death. How and why do smoking celebs give up smoking?For children: A Hollywood handsome celeb Ben Affleck, a star of such movies as “Armageddon”, and “Pearl-Harbor” gave up smoking for the sake of his daughter Violett whom his wife Jennifer Garner gave a birth in the year 2005.A famous dish Julia Roberts has also began to follow the health life-style after she had tried to become pregnant in the year 2004.They said she gave up smoking and went in for yoga. In the year 2005 the actress successfully gave a birth to twins. This summer Julia and his husband, a photographer Danny Moder are also in a familiar way. Read more

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The bond between heart attacks and smoking

May 29th, 2010 Posted in Tobacco news Tags:

The Smoking Heart.The number of New Zealanders lighting up has dropped in the past year, according to new figures. The results of 2009 Tobacco Use Survey, released by the Ministry of Health today, showed the smoking rate for New Zealanders aged between 15 and 64 years was 21.8 per cent, down from 23.9 per cent in 2008. The 2009 youth smoking rate was also lower, at 18 per cent compared to 2008’s figure of 20.8 per cent. Read more

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Bulgaria’s new cigarette prices come into force

May 29th, 2010 Posted in Tobacco marketing Tags:

money and cigarettesSmokers in Bulgaria will pay an average of one lev more for a packet from April 1 2010, when the increased cigarette prices come into force.From April 1 2010, shops can only sell cigarettes with the new excise stamps and anyone caught selling cigarettes at their old price will face sanctions of up to 2000 leva. The cigarette packets with old excise stamps will be destroyed. Read more

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Katy Perry thinking seriously to quit smoking

May 28th, 2010 Posted in Celebrities smoking Tags:

katy-perryUS pop queen Katy Perry is planning drastic measures to halt her ongoing cigarette addiction, claims the UK’s Daily Mirror newspaper. Perry has reportedly been smoking more than ever as her wedding to British comedian Russell Brand draws nearer, but she is now planning hypnotherapy to stop the habit before it damages her voice.According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the singer said: ‘I’m stressed out with the wedding and I keep smoking to calm my nerves. I do it even though I know it is really bad for me and I know I need to stop. ‘So I’m thinking I am going to have hypnotherapy to help me get over it. I’d never say to kids, ‘This is cool’. It’s a really bad habit that I need to quit.’ Read more

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Winner of $8 Million because of smoking consequences

May 28th, 2010 Posted in Tobacco industry Tags:

smokingBarbara Izzarelli was in her early teens in the 1970s when she began smoking Salem cigarettes. She was soon hooked by the nicotine. She smoked heavily every day — all day – for more than 20 years.In 1996, at age 36, she developed larynx cancer. The following year she underwent a total laryngectomy. That was followed by radiation and chemotherapy treatments. The Norwich woman can no longer breathe through her mouth or nose; she uses a tube in her throat. Her diet consists of soft foods like pudding and mashed potatoes.Last week, she became a footnote in legal history. A federal jury in Bridgeport awarded her $8 million this week in what is believed to be the first successful product liability lawsuit in Connecticut by an individual plaintiff against a tobacco company. Read more

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